The Glass House

Size: 4800sqft
Timescale: 12 months
Contract: Build Partner
Style: Contemporary

The Client approached Oakbridge Bespoke Homes with planning drawings for a house that was exceeding their build budget.

The team were able to work collaboratively with the architect and client to achieve a high specification build with the specialist finishes desired. These finishes included polished concrete floors, glazing from Portugal and vanishing site lines across the rear of the property.

It was wonderful to be able to retain the spirit and architectural detailing of this home, whilst working within the scope of the clients budget. Although certain areas had to be refined and small areas reduced as a part of the process; it still has that special wow factor that the client required.

Michael Clifton
Head of Design - Oakbridge Bespoke Homes

Unique and modern, this house triumphs at bringing the outside inside with floor to ceiling glazing across both floors. It really has the wow factor as you walk in and navigate through the open plan living, the client was thrilled that Oakbridge were able to retain the "must haves" of their dream home but within their desired budget.

The house has underfloor heating throughout, including the first floor, along with MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) which keeps the house ventilated resulting in a comfortable and condensation free environment all year round.

By integrating with all the other devices in your home, Control4 smart lighting gives you complete control over every aspect of your home and allows your lighting to match your mood and desires. Set scenes for when you're relaxing, entertaining or even just coming home from work.

Distributed multi room TV and discrete full WiFi coverage to all areas enables the client to keep connected in every room of the house with no interference.